woman looking into distance deep in thought

Having a Coach

This last year has been challenging to say the least. But you made it. You worked from home, you home-schooled your kids, or you made things work without daycare. 

Somedays might have felt impossible, but here you are on the other side. But now they are talking about returning to work, and you are really not feeling good about it. 

You like not having to commute and deal with the traffic. You’ve put together a great office at home, and you feel that you are being very productive.

Now you are also dealing with questions about vaccines.  Will you need to get one? Will your co-workers comply? What will they do if you refuse? What will they do if my cohorts refuse?

There are so many more thoughts and feelings impacting our productivity and our relationships at work in today’s workplace. Because we spend so much time in our careers, it overflows into our relationships with our family, friends, and partners.

But who are we supposed to talk to when things get challenging? You can’t talk to your boss for fear you will sound like your complaining. You don’t want to present doubt or negativity to your team, and well, Human Resources is the one asking for a lot of these policies that are making you uncomfortable, so how do you discuss them without repercussions. 

You have friends and family to talk to, but they have their own feelings and biases, and of course, you’re not trying to scare your spouse that you intend to become some activist. 

If only you had someone you could talk to that isn’t associated with your work and isn’t vested in your career. Someone that can help you manage the thoughts that affect your productivity and the thoughts that can overflow into your relationships at home and, of course, come up around income and finances. 

What would it be like to talk freely and come up with alternative plans and work through the what-ifs in a safe place to bounce ideas and options without judgment?