Do you feel concerned about voicing your opinions at the office?

Do you feel that you are not earning as much as you are worth, but are too afraid to speak up and ask for what you’re worth?

CC Woman Uncomfortable at Work

Do you worry about finances but don’t want to confront your partner because you’re afraid of starting a fight?

Do you find yourself arguing with your family about politics and other topics?

Do you wish you had a better way to handle these tough conversations?

Are you feeling… isolated? … alone?

… less hopeful or optimistic?

I can help.

Together we will put together the tools to help you reconnect with your friends and family, and find a tribe of new people to connect with.

Cara Russel

Caroline was so helpful in keeping me on track and focused on what really matters to ME. Each meeting we uncovered hurdles and found ways to think past them, which even developed into some new personal standards I can't believe I didn't have before!

Alison Tugwell

I love working with Caroline. After coaching with her, I really started to understand how my thoughts, feelings and actions were connected. She has this effervescent, uplifting energy that is contagious.

Jessica Andritsch

I highly recommend Caroline as a coach. She is easy and fun to talk to. Her genuine and motivating personality combined with her knowledge and professionalism has made me challenge my own perspective to improve my self-worth.